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NewsBox is a unique combination of news reader, publishing platform and media intelligence application in one easy-to-use platform.  NewsBox Newswire goes beyond your followers and gets your news in our newsroom, news feeds and distributed to our e-mail subscribers.



Distribute your company's news in our newsroom and news feeds.  Get your news in front of people that can help you tell your story and get more visibility.  Reach journalists and other media pros.

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Top Benefits of Submitting News on NewsBox
  • Reach influencers, ambassadors and journalists.
  • Manage inquiries about your news in one place.
  • Use less e-mail.
  • Connect with readers to send future news.
  • Improve your search engine results.
  • Use for inbound marketing.
  • Distribute news to your followers at no cost.
  • Replace e-mail newsletters.
  • Access regardless of OS, browser or device.

"We are always looking for new ways to connect, contribute to the online space and build relationships, making NewsBox an excellent tool that I would use."

Elizabeth C. ,
Major Agency Senior Consultant

“The need to aggregate, monitor and manage content is very real” "The idea of having publishing, monitoring and social for public relations all in one place presents a value above other PR services."

John D.,
Investment Consultant

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