NewsBox is a great part of a (PR) public relations, (IR) investor relations or marketing plan.

NewsBox was originally created as PRSafe, an online press release posting and distribution site, rebranded as NewsBox.  The new version includes many of the features of PRSafe, designed for sharing company news, but now we are onboarding readers directly on NewsBox.

How is that better?

- First, we can reduce the amount of e-mail you send so you don't constantly have to send messages to journalists.

- Second, we can provide a great place to store PR material, including profiles and media content, and share it with readers instead of e-mailing high resolution graphics.

- Third, we can connect you directly with readers so anytime you submit new content, they receive notifications.  This is great if you have follow-up news or if you want to reduce the costs of one-time press release services.

- Fourth, we can help you measure the mentions you receive from your news.  We provide ways for readers to not only share on NewsBox, but also to share content with their favorite networks.


Post a link to your NewsBox profile on your website, or add it to your e-mail signature, and let people know they can follow you on NewsBox.   


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