Start-up (PR) Public Relations & (IR) Investor Relations Solutions

If you are a start-up, NewsBox is a great platform to get started.  NewsBox is a great platform to stay on top of industry news, publish content to get visibility for your company and keep track of when you, your key executives or competitors are mentioned in the media.  
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Use Newswire to share your story

PRSafe Newswire, powered by NewsBox, includes our newsroom and news feeds in over 800 categories to help you reach targeted readers including journalists, investors and influencers.

  • Content distribution is a great way to increase sales for your company or awareness of your brand and get potential customers to call you.
  • You may use traditional press release services but want to increase visibility for your news online.
  • You might post news on your website, blog and other locations and want a simple, easy-to-use application to host rich content and make it available on multiple channels.
  • NewsBox is a great way to reach journalists, bloggers and other media professionals who can help share your news.
  • NewsBox can increase traffic to your website or increase followers.
  • NewsBox can help you reach your customers, members, investors or stakeholders as an alternative to using traditional email newsletters.