Verified Sources
NewsBox includes a growing number of reputable sources.

NewsBox currently includes over fifty thousands sources from across the web.

We provide three types of contact; (UGC) user generated content, previews and full-content publishers.

  1. UGC - Our platform is great for publishers who want to publish one or more article but may not have a website or a large following on other networks.  Users can submit press releases or individual articles.
  2. Preview Publisher - Instead of displaying an entire article, many publishers feel they would rather maintain a separate website.  We will pull just a snippet of content and include it in our search results and direct readers to the publisher's website to read the complete article.
  3. Full-Content Publishers - We can display the entire article from full-content publishers.  Full-Content Publishers have agreed to allow NewsBox to publish the entire article as opposed to directing NewsBox readers to another website.