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NewsBox is a targeted, interactive, affordable content distribution platform that lets you reach readers you want and keep an eye on trends and topics that might impact you and your organization.
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Publishing Platform
A growing number use social platforms like NewsBox as primary news source.


Three Great Ways to Publish on NewsBox

Add Site

Host your content on NewsBox

Publish your site content on NewsBox.  Allow readers to subscribe to you.


Individual articles

Submit one or more articles.  

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Content Preview

Display a snippet in search

Submit your RSS/XML feed to NewsBox and we'll display a snippet in search results.

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Images and Files

Upload one or more images or attach links to content on Box or Dropbox.  Upload larger files or high-res images hosted on other platforms. 

Publisher Tools


  • embed video
  • add contacts
  • build a following
  • link to images and other files
  • select who views content


Build Your Network

Build a following and reach readers with follow-up news and updates.