Public Companies
Submit press releases and communicate with stakeholders.

Connectus created the first version of what is now NewsBox in 2008 as a public relations platform to provide a single platform for companies of all sizes to better communicate with stakeholders and distribute information to publics.

We work to ensure all content is secure and distributed to NewsBox readers timely and as directed.

As a public company, you can post your news releases, notices and other content on NewsBox when you are ready to distribute.  Our system is secure but if you need to collaborate on your document prior to publication and distribution, we recommend that you use a content collaboration platform. has enterprise level security second to none and, when you are ready, you can post your content on NewsBox.

The NewsBox platform is used by a growing number of professionals and is widely viewed by the financial community and stockholders.  

Create an account to get started.  E-mail us at if you have questions or need general guidance.

Build your network.

Instead of traditional press release networks sending your news out one-time, NewsBox gives you the ability to build your distribution network for future releases.  Allow stakeholders to subscribe to your news and provide valuable evidence of your legal compliance with required news distribution.

Distribution of Knowledge

As a public company, you have special needs and requirements.  Distributing content on other social networks may not be right for your business and we don't recomment encouraging your employees and stakeholders to share information on job sites.

NewsBox is a platform focused on distribution of quality content to stakeholders.  If you want to build a network to help your stakeholders, including employees, to be better informed about your company news and news relative to your business, NewsBox is a great option.

Currently, you can control distribution of knowledge by creating a basic NewsBox account.  Build your followers.  Encourage your network to connect on NewsBox and find your latest news.  We're working on collaboration options to make it easier for you to share your news and curate a channel of news tailored to your audience.

Use NewsBox as an employee engagement solution and part of a group messaging strategy.

Build morale.  Retain top employees.  Start company-wide initiatives.  Enable group storytelling & discussion.

Get Started

You can sign up as a self serve account or contact us with questions.


Press Releases

Distribute press releases on NewsBox

Host your press releases on NewsBox and build a network of interested journalists, investors and other NewsBox readers interested in your news.  Keep your stakeholders informed as news is made available.

If you already submit your news on other platforms or newswires, we still recommend posting on NewsBox.  The Securities and Exchange Commission provides guidance for public companies but does not endorse or recommend any single service.  So, in order to meet your requirements as a public company, we recommend distributing your news as widely as possible.

In all cases, as a public company, we will need to request a letter of authorization and verification of your identity prior to publication.  We will also require contact information in cases where users would want to contact you directly.  If you are referencing other public companies in your release, for example a new partnership, we will also require similar verification fromthe other party.  If you are a verified, premium NewsBox users, we may be able to publish your submissions faster.

Please visit or email us at with questions.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Keep your network aware of your sustainability, corporate governance, philanthropy and other efforts.  

Use NewsBox as an alternative to email or single time news distribution solutions.


Monitor news after submission

Use NewsBox monitoring to learn more about who you reached with your news.  Receive alerts as news is published.  Track executives, brands, company names and more.

We cover over 55,000 sources and growing.