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    NewsBox is a growing source of quality news and information. We collect from readers across a wide range of categories giving you a better understanding of the complete reading preferences of users.
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    Inquire about integration options or opportunities to offer NewsBox to your customers. Contact us at support@newsbox.com and please provide a brief description of how you think we can work together to help businesses create great content, manage their brands and help readers find quality, valuable information.
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Why partner with NewsBox?

Connectus is a stable yet growing company.  Our lead platform, NewsBox, is growing in popularity and importance in the world.


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Our team is based in a collaborative shared business space in Baltimore, Maryland. We have the insight and expertise of over fifty companies and over one-hundred fifty people. We work with many of them to make NewsBox better on a daily basis. Our core team consists of seasoned product, software and marketing experts with a wide range of backgrounds creating a diverse culture of innovation and change.

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