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NewsBox is a single platform solution including an uncluttered news reader, publishing tools and media monitoring. Publishers submit content directly on NewsBox and we aggregate large amounts of online news and content from verified sources.
Our goal was to create a great reading experience, publishing tools to help you tell your stories, and media monitoring to help you keep track of when people mention you, your brand, or other things you care about. We are going beyond basic key word alerts to provide insights you can use to steer intelligent decision making and we are integrating NewsBox into your favorite products.
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What is NewsBox?


NewsBox Overview

NewsBox is a next-generation news platform that uses forward-looking technology to go beyond key word alerts, tracking stories, trends and influencers.


NewsBox is integrating with popular content creation and collaboration products, giving users of those platforms the ability to push content to their followers on NewsBox as a ‘destination’ site.  NewsBox is also integrating with other social networks, giving users the ability to share content and push to those networks, which creates a central repository for content distribution.  As a destination site, NewsBox helps fill the need for quality platforms to publish native content.  Unlike competing products, we are onboarding readers directly onto the NewsBox platform, while also integrating with a large number of popular platforms to extend reach.  

NewsBox gathers data from across the web, and from publishers publishing on the platform, to provide a hub of media intelligence.  Our unique media monitoring can provide mentions, trends, sentiment and other valuable data that goes beyond free keyword alert systems.  Our up-and-coming insights and analytics will provide valuable dashboards for various users in a number of verticals, including healthcare/pharma, legal, and entertainment, while also addressing the needs of the departments within companies and organizations that our users represent.


Read. Publish. Monitor.

NewsBox is an affordable, cloud-based SaaS solution that combines the best elements of popular PR software, social media monitoring tools, content distribution and business intelligence systems into a single platform that can be used by various departments within a business.  It is a stable, mature, fully supported platform.  The NewsBox solution helps companies manage paid, earned, and owned media on a single platform, providing options to advertise, reach journalists and influencers, and integrate data, widgets, and tools into existing websites and other media.

NewsBox provides comprehensive, yet affordable, media monitoring while delivering more value than simple key-word tools or news readers.  NewsBox media intelligence platform helps businesses reduce risk and associated costs, and provides a faster, more organized solution for the information worker to manage media mentions and following content of importance.

Every company has a brand and how the brand is perceived affects the company’s ability to attract and maintain customers and talent.  The company’s brand can be over 70% of the company’s value.  The old way of monitoring media mentions was to manually save newspaper and magazine clippings, or hire a PR company to compile.

NewsBox is a great option for anyone to self-manage their online PR and is especially ideal for ad agencies, PR firms, professional service firms and corporations.  PR firms can use NewsBox for online brand management.  Marketing departments can use it to publish native content for inbound marketing and measure ROI.  Management can use NewsBox to stay on top of competitors, follow influencers and stay current on industry news from a broad range of top publications.

NewsBox is an intelligent alternative to current outdated newsletter solutions.  Newsletters account for over 65% of marketing e-mails sent.  NewsBox gives publishers the ability to reach readers without e-mail, yet still includes e-mail for non-NewsBox members.  By using less e-mail, NewsBox reduces spam and the associated likelihood content will not reach a reader’s inbox.  Users can host high resolution graphics on NewsBox instead of adding them to e-mail and risking being stopped by firewalls and e-mail filters.  


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