Your Workflow

Make NewsBox part of your workflow.

Use NewsBox to write stories, monitor clients' brands, executives and stories.

Use NewsBox as a single platform to distribute news for all of your clients.

Contact us to discuss how we can integrate NewsBox into your existing workflow and content management solutions.

Tie into stories

Follow stories as they happen with our Storyline(tm) feature.  

Follow authors, educators, researchers, and other professionals to stay in the loop on what is happening, developing stories and ways you can get more visibility for your clients.

Client Monitoring

Use keyword monitoring

Use our simple key word monitoring tool to get real-time alerts if news or articles are posted about your clients.  

Monitor executives, ongoing stories, intellectual property and more.  Contact us with questions.

Sign up for a premium account and monitor over 55,000 sources.  Unlimited key words.


Help your clients meet their marketing and message goals.

- data and website improvements

- add to your social media arsenal

- create or repurpose content

- reputation marketing

- discover the benefits of inbound marketing 

- # of clients using Box or other cloud based content storage - just push that content to NewsBox.