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NewsBox is a great part of a media or stakeholder relations plan.

The NewsBox platform is different than traditional press release or news release services.  Instead of sending your news release to a group of journalists you hope will write about you, reach readers directly on NewsBox. 

Instead of sending one release and measuring the result by media coverage or views, you can build a network on NewsBox and future releases will be sent to your followers.  
Readers can follow you and get quick updates, retractions or changes as they are submitted.
Already posting news releases on your website but not seeing many readers?
NewsBox provides a widget to add any news submitted to NewsBox directly and display it on your website.  Instead of your news just sitting on your website, you get the value-added benefit of reaching NewsBox readers.
Currently sending your news releases via email?  
Don't send bulky news releases in email when you can add pictures, video, quotes and links in a media rich NewsBox content.  


Distribute to everyone. Measure in NewsBox.

Your website.

Host your news on NewsBox and add to your website using the NewsBox widget.


NewsBox was built as an alternative to email but we realize some people have workflows or routines built around existing email clients.  So, we distribute via email in a number of ways.  We sent email alerts to our monitoring users.  We send alerts to users when news matching their preferences is available.  And, we are building targeted email distribution lists as an alternative for readers who prefer email over logging in to check news.

You can send email  If you already send a regular newsletter, email group or some other kind of email notification to clients or stakeholders, you can host your news and articles on NewsBox and use a short link.  

If you build your network on NewsBox, we feel NewsBox can be a great alternative to old newsletter systems.


Great content is shared.


Readers share NewsBox use on popular social networks and blogging platforms such as Digg, Reddit and Facebook, and others.

Our core ecosystem enables you to distibute via topic, industry and geography.

We offer additional distribution options upon request.  Our partner distribution includes thousands of sites including news, TV, radio, magazines and blogs.  Your network of subscribers will receive your news each time you submit and you'll reach more people who actually want to receive your news instead of trying to figure out who might be interested or pushing your submissions on busy journalists.

Instead of sending to everyone, you can send to one or more of your contacts.

You can increase your distribution by sharing your release on your favorite social networks, email your hosted release to your contacts and build an "earned media” network by increasing the number of NewsBox users who subscribe to your profile on