It's your story. Control the way it gets told.
Storytelling Isn't Easy. We Can Help.

You want to tell people your story.  Yet finding an effective vehicle can be a challenge.  Traditional PR outlets are limited, unfocused.  Social media platforms are crowded and noisy.  Content marketing is cumbersome and expensive.
You need a targeted, interactive, affordable content distribution platform that lets you reach readers you want, read news about and interact with people you are interested in, and keep an eye on trends and topics that might impact you and your organization.
NewsBox can help.
NewsBox is a member-generated, interactive, storytelling tool that combines the best elements of traditional PR, social media, and content marketing into a single solution.
Our publishing plans allow you to publish your story and reach targeted readers throughout NewsBox.  Premium options are reviewed quicker, and reach an increasingly large number of targeted logged-in and logged-out readers.

Publishing Platform
A growing number use social platforms like NewsBox as primary news source.


Three Great Ways to Publish on NewsBox
Submit preview feed. Submit fullview feed. Submit individual articles.

Add Site

Host your content on NewsBox

If you host your content on NewsBox, your readers will receive the best user experience.  We won't redirect them to another website so access to your content will be quick and seemless.

Instead of a preview of your article, we will display the entire article and readers can subscribe to you on NewsBox.


Individual articles

Submit one or more articles.  

Distribute to your subscribers or we can help you get your news out to the right NewsBox readers.

We provide great writing tools.  

You can visit the Learn More section to find topic and general writing recommendations.

Content Preview

Display a snippet in search

Submit your RSS/XML feed to NewsBox and we'll display a snippet in search results.

Instead of hosting the entire article, we'll show NewsBox readers a preview with a link to read the entire article on your website.  This is great if you want to get more visitors to your website but isn't the best if you want to deliver the best reader experience.

Contact us to discuss options!


Images and Files

Upload one or more images or attach links to content on Box or Dropbox.

NewsBox is a great presentation platform for your content.  You can upload images or, if needed, upload larger files or high-res images hosted on other platforms.  

Publisher Tools


  • embed video
  • add contacts
  • build a following
  • link to images and other files
  • select who views content


Build Your Network

Build a following and reach readers with follow-up news and updates.

Manage your contact preferences so you control who contacts you and when.  

Reduce the risk of your content showing up on low-quality websites by controlling who receives your content.