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Since many non-profits already have to deal with tight budgets and limited staff, social media isn’t always high on their priority lists. However, while effective social media requires constant time and effort, the attention that your cause can garner along with the connections you can make with your audience are a worthwhile tradeoff.

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5 reasons to use NewsBox

1. ENGAGE AND CONNECT - Ask questions and open up to your audience.

2. DRIVE TRAFFIC - Build a following and direct them to your website.

3. SHAREABLE CONTENT MEANS MORE EXPOSURE - Publish shareable content on NewsBox.  The more shareable content you post on NewsBox, the more likely people will engage with your brand.

4. MARKETING TOOL - NewsBox is a great inbound marketing tool for pulling in readers and informing consumers.  Increase your reach over time and build a network to help distribute content.

5. EXTEND YOUR PR REACH - Increase your digital reach and your overall influence.  It is important to reach people but just as important to connect and stay connected.

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