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Access a growing number of publishers and reach a growing number of readers.

NewsBox can help you publish great content and receive measurable results.

  1. Drive revenue
  2. Increase awareness by driving engagement
  3. Receive media mentions and shares 
  4. Increase the value of existing content
  5. Access actionable data to help you improve your story
  6. Monitor what matters to your business.
  7. Build a network for future distribution.

Any Device
Access NewsBox from any device.

NewsBox can be used on any operating system including Android and iOS versions.

Targeted Categories

We distribute content by category, key word and identify content our readers may want.  

We have 24 targeted distribution lists sending quality focused, curated news to users via email, straight into their inbox.

Contact us to learn more.

Build Your Network

Submit news releases and articles and build your network.  Instead of submitting a one-time news release and not staying connected to your readers, submit a news release on NewsBox and your readers can start following you, getting any future news you submit on the NewsBox platform.


Reach Readers

Select from targeting options.

If you don't already have a lot of subscribers on NewsBox or you do have followers but you want to reach a wider audience, distribute your news release to other NewsBox readers.

To avoid spam or junk submissions and to ensure NewsBox readers receive quality content, we review all submissions.  Please visit the Learn More section to find content guidelines, suggestions and tips.

Submit Advertisement

overview of submitting advertisements on NewsBox

Current Content Platforms

Use Box and other platforms to deliver an extra layer of security for your content and push it to NewsBox when it's ready for release.  Use the collaboration tools in your existing platforms to collaborate on documents and then post to NewsBox when you want readers.


Control who sees content.

Control who receives your content.  Send to your subscribers only or reach other NewsBox readers.

Host your content directly in NewsBox or post it to another content management platform and post to NewsBox when you are ready.

If your content needs to be secure, we recommend using to store and collaborate on your document prior to pushing to NewsBox.

Platform agnostic

Use on any device

Regardless of your operating system device, you can access NewsBox anywhere.

Press Release Distribution

Submit news releases and reach a growing number of NewsBox readers in targeted categories.  Instead of pushing your news out to a network of websites with little to no results, publish your news release on NewsBox and earn followers, discover new connections and learn about your readers.

The next iteration of press release distribution giving you the power to direct-publish to collaborate with influencers, direct-publish to readers and gather valuable insights about your audience.

Create rich content and distribute to readers without sending bulky emails and dealing with email filters.



Expert Articles

Get more visibility for your expertise.  Provide NewsBox readers with expert articles written by you or your company's employees.

Don't limit yourself to one platform.  If you are already publishing your expert articles on another professional platform, as long as you wrote it, you can still publish that content on NewsBox.



Website Integration

Instead of posting news on your website and hoping for readers.  Add a simple NewsBox site widget to your existing website or blog and get the added benefit of getting your content in front of a growing number of NewsBox readers.  


It's free to get started!

Sample Topics

Some sample topics include:

  • winning an award
  • hosting a fundraiser or technology event
  • announcing an employee change
  • launching new partnership
  • sharing survey results 

For additional ideas, visit the Learn More section.

Premium Benefits

Premium benefits for business.

- actionable insights

- manage reputation; (KPI), idenfity influencers

- business metrics

- simplified media monitoring

- regular comprehensive reporting; identifying risks, reach and influence

- manage feedback loop

- ongoing competitive review

- share of voice (rep score) (set alerts)

- crisis management

Employee Communications

Every business is different.  You may have two employees or twenty thousand.  Every business has a need to communicate and NewsBox gives any business a way to organize news and share that news with employees and stakeholders.  

If other social networks aren't right for your company, you should consider NewsBox.  

Post photos, videos, articles, subscriber to news that matters to your business and gain insights that can help you make important business decisions.

Share presentations

Organize feedback

Start conversations; internal & external